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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Big Hero 6 Announcement Trailer

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Big Hero 6 is coming in Kingdom Hearts 3. It is recently announced and you can see the video below that will show you a glimpse of this upcoming character in the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This upcoming role playing game would be a lot better due to its new content. This will help players to enjoy the game a bit more with fresh ideas. The video for the same is provided below that gives you detailed information about its gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Image
Kingdom Hearts 3 Image

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is still not announced. By showing up this new upcoming content it simply means that this game would be having an early release. The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 3 is very much similar to the older series. But there are some additions that make it a lot better.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be having a upgraded combat system that would give you some competitive gameplay. If you had played the older series then it would be relatively simple for you to understand how to play this new series. The game mostly seems to have the continuation of Kingdom Hearts 2. As per the game developer there would be some new things that will let players to have more fun in the game. Sora is re-introduced in the game. This character was also available before but in this new edition it would be a lot better. Below is trailer that offers you a glimpse of the gameplay. But with that having Big Hero 6 in the storyline would be something fascinating.