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Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 Second Playable Character and Fantasia Revealed

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After the release of the recent leaks  that would seem to confirm the presence of a world dedicated to Monsters Inc., Kingdom Hearts 3 returns in the spotlight thanks to new rumors that emerged online in the last hours that speak of a new setting and unpublished gameplay mechanics, and reveal the identity of the second playable character.

According to reports by khinsider, the rumor comes from a short article taken from a page of the PlayStation Official Magazine – Australia, where various information is revealed in the next chapter of the series.

In the article we can read that in Kingdom Hearts 3 there will be present the settings of Toy Story, Tangled (already known) and Fantasia and that the game will be “split up between the perspectives of Sora and Riku.” It, therefore, seems that the latter is the mysterious second playable character mentioned by Nomura a few months ago.

To conclude, it seems that the game includes new gameplay mechanics like running on walls and the ability to climb larger enemies. We invite readers, however, to take the news as a simple rumor, since Disney and Square Enix have not confirmed any of this.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to some rumors, the release date for the game will be announced in February.

Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation Official Magazine - Australia