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Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be optimized for PS4 Pro

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Pending the final release date of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the role-playing game that offers you a accurate historically medieval scenery to be experienced, there is good news for gamers on PlayStation 4: The Warhorse Studios team has indeed confirmed officially that the game will be optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Through the official forums of Warhorse Studios it has been revealed that its ambitious RPG set in medieval Europe, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have compatibility with PS4 and in that version will include undefined improvements that will go from higher resolution to a better than the usual visual aspect of a title that seeks realism above all things.

At present, the Czech team has not yet been able to rattle off what will be the details of the improvements to this edition of the game, but was keen to stress that the performance will be better on the enhanced home console of Sony, with regard to a “higher resolution or better graphics quality settings” .

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single-player, first person, Open World RPG, which plays in the year 1403. The title depicts Bohemia as part of the medieval, Holy Roman Empire and is rich in historical-authentic characters, places and battles.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance should be released sometime in 2017 for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment only the PC version has a beta that can be accessed as one of the sponsors of the Kickstarter campaign.


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