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Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.03 Download Available on PS4


The new patch 1.03 of Kingdom Come Deliverance is now available for download on PS4. The update weighs over 13GB and introduces several improvements to the stealth phases and the technical sector. The developers have also discussed input problems related to the R2 key.

After the 23GB day-one patch, therefore, from today PlayStation 4 users of Kingdom Come Deliverance can download another update of over 13GB. The 1.03 patch, also being certified on Xbox One, aims to improve the following aspects of the game:

1. Stealth and Stealth Kills adjusted.
2. People now get dirty more gradually.
3. Additional quest bugs fixed.
4. Various optimizations.

As you can read in the tweets at the bottom of the page, in addition, the creative director Daniel Vavra discussed the problem of the PS4 version related to the R2 key, the button of the DualShock 4 used to default to launch attacks. Apparently, the key would not be responsive enough due to a bad calibration, a drawback that the developers intend to solve with the next updates.

However, as suggested by the same Vavra, in the meantime you can adopt a temporary solution by changing the mapping of the button used for the attack. Recall that the 1.03 patch of Kingdom Come Deliverance will come soon also on Xbox One.