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Kanye West commemorates Kim Kardashian publicly becoming a billionaire after KKW Beauty contract

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The beauty mogul Kim Kardashian has just come into the billionaire club after conspicuous a new contract for her trade name KKW. Her husband, Kanye West, cannot stop himself from conversational over her. He got to his Twitter handle before some time and offered a shout out to Kim Kardashian on her new achievement. On Jun 29, Kim sold a 20% bet in her KKW Beauty line. The American rapper looks extremely dazed with his wife as he writes down the appreciation words for her.

On his twitter handle, he wrote, “I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire. You’ve weathered the craziest storms, and now God is shining on you and our family. So blessed, this is still life. So I made you this still life. We love you so much”. Because Kanye West is not a single person who posts many pictures of his family on social media, his latest post gathered a lot of concentration from his fans.

Her husband is very excited about Kim Kardashian; he has cheered his beautiful wife on her unbelievable goal. 

Last month gossips regarding their fights and arguments amidst the lockdown had got the tongues wiggling. Resources said that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were facing problem in their married life. On the other hand, this couple has shut down all the gossip as Kim recently posted a cheering note for her husband Kanye West on Father’s Day, and she wrote “I Love You” to convey her love for him. As seen in the recent post of Kanye West, he also appears all heart about his beautiful wife, Kim Kardashian, as he surges on her.

LET’S see what are the KEY FACTS

  • Coty publicized on Monday that it got a 20% bet in KKW Beauty for 200 million dollars, worthing the corporation at 1 billion dollars. 
  • Forbes magazine guesstimates the contract, situates to close up in early on 2021, leaves Kim Kardashian West as the famous vendor of KKW Beauty with 72% shares in the corporation, and that Kim Kardashian manager Kris Jenner and West’s mother owns 8% stakes. 
  • West tweeted, “So blessed this is still life,” It means that the vegetable planning that he made was a still life. 
  • However, she hasn’t tweeted anything about the deal; she tweeted on Monday that she was “so blessed and forever grateful.”