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Kelly Preston succumbs to breast cancer

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Actress Kelly Preston lost her battle with breast cancer Kelly Preston on Sunday, July 12, 2020. She had been fighting with breast cancer for about two years, and as her husband, actor John Travolta said in his Instagram post, “She fought a courageous fight.” She was just 57.

Kelly was born in Honolulu and completed her studies in Kelly Preston Acting from the University of Southern California. She had some small roles in “CHIPS” and “Roseanne,” which may be said as a warm-up to her career. The short-lived television show “For Love and honor” gave her the lead role of Mary Lee. But her debut in Hollywood was in 1988 with “Twins” as Marnie Mason, where she co-acted with Danny DeVito.

Kelly’s meeting with Travolta happened in the same year as her debut in Hollywood.

She had been in an engaged to Charlie Sheen, but as bonds grew strong with Travolta, she married him in 1991. Their marriage was a grand one, and Kelly, at many interviews, has been reminiscent of how they eloped to Paris as it was becoming unmanageable to host the ceremony in New York.

Kelly had spent a long time in the film industry.

Actors and actresses have a busy life. But there are many mishaps too that occur. One such was in 2009 when Kelly and Travolta lost their first child Jett, who died in a seizure during the family vacation in the Bahamas.

The couple had welcomed their daughter Ella in 2000, and at 48, Kelly gave birth to son Benjamin in 2010.


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So, The effect and influence of the church have come up many times during different interviews. Before, To them, the church seems to be an immense source of positivity and support.  

Even if Kelly is one of the most popular and loved stars in the film industry left many of her co-actors and actresses heartbroken. So, Many celebrities paid tribute to her over social media. Thank you for your love”. Before, Travolta too posted a heartfelt post on Instagram where he declared about the passing away of Kelly. So, He too extended his love for Kelly and shared the grief and pain he incurred. So, He ended the post by declaring a small break-off as he needs to take care of the children.