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Hideki Kamiya Responds To Fans Who Want Bayonetta on PS4: “Ask Nintendo”

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Will we see a new episode of Bayonetta on PlayStation 4? In an answer on Twitter, Hideki Kamiya ironically suggests fans to ask the answer to this question directly to Nintendo.

As you probably know, from the second chapter of Bayonetta, the series has become in effect a real Nintendo exclusive and even Bayonetta 3 was announced to release only on Nintendo Switch at the Game Awards 2017.

The announcement has made many players happy but certainly has saddened many others. However, it seems that fans do not want to give up and continue to clamor for Bayonetta to arrive on PS4 as well.

According to reports, following the many requests for a PS4 version of Bayonetta, the game designer of Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiya, intervened directly, who responded in a rather decisive way “ask Nintendo”. You can check his tweet at the bottom of this news.

The message seems very clear, Bayonetta is now an IP in the Nintendo catalog, managed as a First Party product. Remember that the third installment of the saga is currently being developed in the studios of Platinum Games, while the reissues of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 for Switch will be released on 16 February in Europe.