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Kaepernick Netflix Series to Revolve Around the Life of Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick netflix series

The famous director Ava DuVernay and Netflix will now create a new series along with Colin Kaepernick. The Kaepernick Netflix Series will be of six parts and Colin Kaepernick is the subject of the series. Netflix made this announcement on June 29 and it immediately created a buzz. The series aims to capture the essence behind Colin Kaepernick. It will show parts of his life that molded him into the man he is today. Colin Kaepernick himself will narrate his story in the series while it captures his younger days. The series aims to give the viewers a window into Colin Kaepernick’s life. This will help people who are eager to know the backstory behind Colin Kaepernick. Those who want to understand his rise to activism too are looking forward to this series.


Authentic Kaepernick Netflix Series

The series aims to give the viewers a raw and unaltered view of Colin Kaepernick’s life. The series is titled “Colin in Black and White”. It will take the viewer back in time to the quarterback’s old high school life. The series will show the viewers what Colin Kaepernick faced and the experiences that made him an activist. It will give the viewers some much-needed insight into his journey. With Colin Kaepernick himself narrating his story, it is as authentic as it gets. Another actor will play the role of Colin Kaepernick in the movie. It is a scripted series about what a Black kid faced getting adopted into a family that is white.

Colin Kaepernick says that stories about Black People are shown via a ‘white lens’. This means that the authentic story is distorted from a white person’s perspective. Thus, the reality of what the Black community faces doesn’t come to the forefront. The series explores the racial prejudice Colin Kaepernick faces as a Black man adopted by a white family. He faced these racial conflicts especially during his high school and thus the show takes a trip down his memory lane. Kaepernick says doing this series and bringing the stories out to the world is an honor.

Colin Kaepernick’s role in the series

Colin Kaepernick is not just the narrator of the series but also one of the executive producers.  Michael Starrbury has written this series. It’s not fixed when the series will be released. Starrbury and DuVernay aren’t working together for the first time. They earlier worked with each other on a Netflix miniseries called “When They See Us”. This series went on to win Emmy awards. Colin Kaepernick is now 32 years old. He played six NFL seasons but stopped playing since 2016. Colin stopped playing since he began kneeling down during the country’s national anthem. He knelt as a protest against racial injustice and police brutality in the US. His move started debates about nationalism and about respect to the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick is a free agent form 2017 onwards.

Final Thoughts

By kneeling down, Colin Kaepernick started a nationwide discussion about racism and social injustice. It had widespread consequences across the spectrum and highlighted the plight of the Black community.

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