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Kadokawa Games will announce two new games for home consoles in 2017


Kadokawa Games will announce two new console games in 2017, as confirmed by the President of the company Yoshimi Yasuda during a recent interview published on the website of the Japanese pages of 4Gamer.

Kadokawa Games has become a much bigger publishers in recent times, especially after the acquisition of the studio responsible for Dark Souls of From Software series. The latest project of Kadokawa was Demon Gaze 2, sequel never arrived in the west of the first Demon Gaze.

The President of the company Yoshimi Yasuda has unveiled some business strategies for the near future, during an interview with 4Gamer.

“About God Wars: Future Past, we will work steadily to respond to the requests from users so that they can enjoy it in a perfect playing environment. About home [console] games, following God Wars: Future Past, we plan to announce two titles in 2017. Furthermore, we’re planning to announce new titles even among smartphone games. Thank you for your patronage in 2017 as well,” President Yoshimi Yasuda said.

God Wars: Future Past will be released in Japan during the spring on the PlayStation 4 and Vita and the launch in the West should take place in the course of 2017. However no clue about the two new projects of Kadokawa Games was given in details.

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