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Just Cause 3 Xbox One file size revealed

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Just Cause 3 is releasing on 12 December 2015 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For the Xbox One console, the game size is around 42.49GB that is officially revealed on Xbox Store. From the trailer and a short gameplay video that we had also covered in our previous news, the game looks quite amazing.

Just Cause 3 Images
Just Cause 3 Images

Updated graphics quality makes the gameplay of Just Cause 3 game more realistic. 42.49GB simply indicates that the game will be having long hours of gameplay with good storyline. So you have to just ensure that you have around 45GB of free space left in your console to add Just Cause 3. This open world game is in news from long time, but still there is a time left for the release.

The standard edition of Xbox One consoles comes with most probably 500GB storage. And we had seen from past few months most of the high end games easily cross 40GB. Some are also above 50GB. So it is possible that in coming time all the games will be having high storage space requirement due to HD content. Just after having 10 games your console storage will be used up. At this point it is necessary to keep a backup of the game content somewhere stored in an external hard drive. In future you can just restore that to play the game once again without deleting it and there won’t be a requirement to re-download it back again. For retail version you already have a hard copy. That is more comfortable than downloading from online. So here, for all upcoming game, try checking the size requirement in system requirement before buying.

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