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Just Cause 3 video shows how to find Stargate Easter Egg

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A video on YouTube shows a new Easter egg found in Just Cause 3! The footage was recorded by YouTuber Arekzz Gaming. The new video shows tips to the solution for a mysterious puzzle in the game that betrays the point of entry to a teleportation tunnel, reminiscent of the television series of Stargate.

The Just Cause series is known for awesome Easter eggs. In the just-released Just Cause 3 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the developers have being hiding an allusion to the Stargate science fiction series. The teleportation tunnel located behind a sunken into the mountain bunker door on the western island of Dracon, Province Trio, on a hilltop above the underground base of Porto Darsena. There you will find four switches which is needed to be operated in the correct order to open the teleportation tunnel. What is it and what happens after entering the correct code, you can see in the video shown below at the end of this article.

Just Cause 3 Stargate Easter Egg
Just Cause 3 Stargate Easter Egg

Whoever falls through the incredibly long teleportation tunnel, lands on the other side in the game far away on the main island of Insula Striate, Province Costa Sud. So, if you cannot even afford the fast travel when playing the game, this is going to be a nice way to bridge long distances.

The Just Cause 3 release took place on 1 December 2015. The launch of the new installment of the franchise was accompanied by a number of bugs on PC with users having AMD graphics card, reported here. Watch the Just Cause 3 Stargate Easter Egg video below:

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