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Just Cause 3 to get Multiplayer Mod on PC, check out the Trailer

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You probably know, Just Cause 3 is part of the open world action game of this year end and has a lot of advantages that make it a joyful mess with multiplayer power. No luck, for the second time, as developers of Avalanche Studio did not want to work internally on multiplayer and left the field open to amateur modders teams. The latter obviously did not waste any time for the same.

Just Cause 3 Pics
Just Cause 3 Pics

A few years there was a Just Cause 2 Multiplayer out, an amateur mod that turned the joyful solo sandbox game in real testing ground for several players, which could offer players various races, gunfights, waterfalls, explorations and whatnot which lent themselves completely to immerse into the gameplay of the title. With the arrival of Just Cause 3, we just knew that the studio was in close contact with the authors of the mod but nothing had been confirmed about a possible “JC3MP”.

This has now changed since it appeared on the official site of the multiplayer experienced JCMP, a video wishing a happy new year to the players and to submit a work in progress draft of what the future will look like for the multiplayer mod of Just Cause 3 on the PC. So we invite you to check out what it looks like with the new mod of the saga. No release date is planned for now but count on us to keep you informed of the progress of the project. Also, if you want to interact with the developers, you must visit the official forums of JCMP. Check out the multiplayer mod trailer of Just Cause 3 below: