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Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Video Shows “Vehicle Synchronization”

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Just Cause 3 is sorely lacking a real online mode, but several modders have embarked on designing a mod that, like what was done with Just Cause 2, you can play with other gamers online. A new trailer gives us a glimpse of this mod progress.

Just Cause 3 Screenshot
Just Cause 3 Screenshot

Released last December on PC and gaming consoles, Just Cause 3 is proving to be a great stress relief in a relatively large world to explore. However, the title offers a single-player experience, which is especially a shame since the universe is particularly well suited to multiplayer.

To solve this disappointment, modders are working for some weeks on a multiplayer mod for the PC version of the game, as was the case for Just Cause 2.

Pending a download version, designers have uploaded a new video at their official website at this address, while diffusing the trailer showing the ability to drive with multiple players.

For now, no details have been released regarding the distribution of the final version of the mod.

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