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Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod beta download available now, check out it’s new trailer

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According to the presentation of a new trailer for Just Cause 3, the chaotic open world game today is getting a Beta for the multiplayer. This video comes from a group of fans called Nanos, who is currently developing this multiplayer mode.

Just Cause 3 Pics

The Nanos Team announced that the first beta version of its multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 will be published today. According to the studio, this will be a full release, and also includes the server files to allow anyone to host their own servers, and start writing the scripts for new game modes.

In a statement, through the official forums of Nanos, the group of modders working in the multiplayer explained that they are planning to release a stable version of 1.0 between the months of January and February 2017. For now, Beta is now available, but only on PC.

Previously, the developer of a multiplayer mode, Cameron Foote, was hired by the Avalanche studio, due to his experience as a modder, as he had been part of the unofficial multiplayer project of Just Cause 2. Due to the successes of this type of add-ons, the developer has allowed independent groups to work on the project.

For now, the multiplayer of Just Cause 3 is only planned for the PC, but Avalanche Studios has stated that it could bring the mods later to consoles.

To celebrate the announcement, the team has also released a new trailer that you can see below.