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Just Cause 3 in 4K Gameplay Video released

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Square Enix has recently released a new video of Just Cause 3 that displays a definition of 4K Ultra HD, focusing in particular on the level of quality provided in explosions.

Due for release in less than two weeks on our favorite gaming platform, Just Cause 3 continues to froth the open world gaming enthusiasts and action boosted by unveiling a new trailer that we put full eyes on. Indeed, Square Enix has released a gameplay extract in definition of 4K Ultra HD, displaying a very clean graphics quality, although the modeling is not especially copy all levels.

Just Cause 3 Screenshot
Just Cause 3 Screenshot

Nevertheless, particular care was taken at the explosion effects, which have beautiful textures and effects of treated particles. In this new video of Just Cause 3 packaged by the leaders of Square Enix and Avalanche, the daredevil Rico Rodriguez wearing the strap of Rambo unleashes his anger against the troops of General Di Ravello using all explosives and heavy weapons at his disposal.

Recall that Just Cause 3 is due for release on 1 December 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and we propose to find Rico Rodriguez who will aim to bring down a dictator in this game. For this, all means are good for us to enforce.

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