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Just Cause 3 Engine incompatible with all Multi-GPU solutions on PC

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Now available, Just Cause 3 is currently talking about itself in the news because of its lack of support for multiple graphics cards simultaneously, through the NVIDIA SLI technology and ATI CrossFire. Explanations are given below.

Officially released on Tuesday 1 December 2015, Just Cause 3 has everything to satisfy the lovers of action, because of its unbridled gameplay and its freedom of action. However, the title is currently talking about itself in the news regarding its PC version.

Just Cause 3 Pics
Just Cause 3 Pics

After the case of Batman Arkham Knight, it is the turn of Just Cause 3 not to offer Multi-GPU support, allowing to use multiple graphics cards to enjoy higher performance in-game. If the logic is to wait for an update of the drivers of our graphics solutions, we learn that the manufacturer NVIDIA has posted its new drivers to force Single-GPU.

The reason was explained by Andrew Burnes from the manufacturer’s marketing team, through the forums of NeoGAF: “The engine is incompatible with all multi-GPU solutions, so no SLI support at this time.”

So this is a similar finding in Batman Arkham Knight. Now the ball is in the court of Avalanche Studios: Whether they will perform an update to the game to bring this compatibility or not? We hope soon to get an answer on this.

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