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Just Cause 3 download set to December 1 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Just Cause 3 is all set to come at the end of this year. A final date for this game is December 1st of this year which was revealed in E3 2015. Right now we can just show you the official trailer that offers a glimpse of the story line and action pack gameplay it holds. The game will be available for download on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is lot of games showing up in E3 this year, but most of them are having a very long release date. This is going to annoy many players.

There are lots of improvements done in Just Cause 3 that will make this version better and amazing. It is an open world game that brings amazing adventure. The game trailer starts with a skyjump very much similar to a recently released movie Fast and Furious 7. Game central character is Rico, jumping out with a car and that crashes to a building.

There are parachutes, gliders, and lot of new techniques that makes the game really exciting. There is lot of improvement in the grappling mechanism that can somehow help you to do stunts like Spiderman. This will help you to get a bit flight and also you can travel a bit faster. Some news on other website also confirms that this game will not be having a multiplayer mode, but this can be a rumor. The trailer itself reveals the grand size of Just Cause 3.