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Just Cause 3 DLCs Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass revealed

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A new expansion for Just Cause is announced. It is available on Steam for $22.49 USD. This Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass will offer some new content for this new open world game that is will be releasing this year in December. This pass will provide players three DLC. As the title it says Air, Land and Sea. There will be new missions in the game. With this there will be new gadgets and also new vehicles. And some new bosses to deal with. The DLC also highlights some really new things like Wing suit and a Parachute skin.

Just Cause 3 will be a big release for this year. And after this upcoming DLC will help players to get more new content. The game takes you to a world full of adventure and action. The last series was Just Cause 2 that was release in 2010 and after quiet a long time a new edition was announced. The game will appear on 1st December this year. But this is not a confirmed release date.

Just Cause 3 DLCs Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass

Description: The Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass includes 3 incredible DLC packs and exclusive Flame Wingsuit and Parachute Skins, which no fan will want to miss! It’s never over for Rico Rodriguez; explore Medici with 3 new game-changing explosive experiences including new action-packed missions, new enemy types, weapons, gadgets and unique vehicles that transform the Just Cause 3 world. The 3 add on packs will become available post launch and will unlock 7 days early for all pass holders. The skins will unlock day one. This content requires the base game Just Cause 3 in order to play.