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Just Cause 3 Developer offers fix to PC Players with AMD graphics card having graphical problems

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As you all know, the most awaited series from publisher Square Enix, Just Cause 3 has finally landed on PC and next generation gaming console. Even though the game runs perfectly on consoles, but PC gamers with AMD video cards are facing major problems related to graphical problems and other bugs.

Just Cause 3 has been recently released officially worldwide on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As many fans of the series are celebrating its arrival on consoles, some AMD graphics card owners on PC are suffering from major performance issue.

Just Cause 3 Screenshot
Just Cause 3 Screenshot

However, the developers on Steam forum didn’t take long to confirm these problems with AMD video cards in Just Cause 3 for PC version. There seems to be some problems with the recently released AMD drivers and hence they have started working on a solution with AMD which is in development already. Until that time, players have been requested to install the latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.11.1 beta driver from this address.

Below you can read the full message of the developer of the Studio, stated on Steam forums:

“There are some known issues that occur with the most recent official release AMD/ATi graphics card drivers. We’re working with AMD to fix the issue via an upcoming driver update – to ensure you don’t experience these issues yourself please make sure you are using the latest beta driver available here (64 bit)”

A user on the Steam forums, named “GreenMachineIII”, has confirmed that installing this beta driver has resolved the same issue for him. You can also try to follow the fix given by him below:

Everyone Follow these steps:

1.) Everyone go download the driver.
2.) Uninstall your current Graphic Driver.
3.) Restart Computer.
4.) Install Graphic Driver.
5.) Enjoy Just Cause 3.