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Journey Collector’s Edition download available in September 2015 for PS4

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Journey Collector’s Edition is all set to appear on PlayStation 4 in the coming month of September. Journey is an award winning game. It is a Sony PlayStation exclusive game that did not release on any other platforms. The game when released won great response from the players. It is unique in its own kind. The game is also out for PS4 where it brings up few discount for the buyers.  There is also a Journey Collector’s Edition out for PS3 before and now it is coming on PS4 in coming months. As per the PS3 version the Collector’s Edition offers around three full games to play. They are Journey, Flower and Flow. With that there are some more bonus content which includes new sound tracks and some mini games for the players. With that the collector’s edition brings a 30 minute documentary about the game. This shows how the game was made and who the contributors are.

Journey Game Screenshot
Journey Game Screenshot

Well it looks like the Journey Collector’s Edition for PS4 might be exactly the same. Journey game has not got any sequel coming up. Even after bring a popular game it is not revised or no new version is yet determined for the same. This type of games is quite rare and end with single edition only. The game brings up refreshing sound tracks, amazing environment and great story to checkout. So if you had not yet played this game then you can wait back to get the Collector’s Edition with all three game series in it.