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John Carmack: PC power will never get to the mobile platform

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Today, at the Oculus Connect event, John Carmack talked about the mistakes some content creators make about their software development for virtual reality and the confused expectations they have for PCs, VR devices, and mobile devices.

John Carmack, a famous programmer whose contribution to the video game industry includes being co-founder of id Software and participating in the development of Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake and who is in charge of Oculus VR today, talked about the perspective that content creators for VR have and the reason why technology does not take off as expected.

According to Carmack, the creators have become lazy and they are just waiting for the next GPU breakthrough by Nvidia or AMD, making everything depend on high-performance hardware, leaving aside the development of games for lower-capacity hardware; in that sense, the programmer said he “prefers magic software over magic hardware.”

On the other hand, Carmack assured that the virtual reality bet must be made around the possibilities offered by the devices that today have the concentration of technical development, in this case, mobile devices.

The idea of Carmack in this respect is that the developers must face the mobile environment and its limits, taking into account that it is a hardware that does not have the power of PC. Finally, the programmer was blunt and stated that “The power of the PC will never get to the mobile platform,” suggesting that the development of games and VR content should focus on delivering an attractive experience for users of these platforms and not for PCs.

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Source: PC Gamer