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Joe Nickolls, Capcom Vancouver Director, has left the studio

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Joe Nickolls, now the ex-Director of the Capcom Vancouver studio, recently announced that he left the office. Taking leave from the company known for making Dead Rising 4, Nickolls is now looking for new adventures and work experience.

All good trips come to an end, and it also happened to Joe Nickolls and Capcom Vancouver. The now ex-director of the studio, in fact, has left the team responsible for Dead Rising 4 to begin with new adventures and job.

A testimony of how much his work was appreciated, was published by work colleagues with a farewell message on the official website of Capcom.

“Over the last two years, Joe’s stewardship of Capcom Vancouver has been exciting and growth-filled, with the successful launch of Dead Rising 4 and groundwork for future unannounced projects. We have also seen the studio’s transition to Unreal Engine 4, ramping up mobile games talent, and our upcoming exciting move to a larger new and improved studio here in Burnaby. All this and more was in large part because of Joe’s leadership. The talented team at Capcom Vancouver will continue to work hard to build upon this foundation and deliver amazing new gameplay experiences.”

“In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude, respect, and praise for the role Joe has played in the success of Capcom Vancouver. We would all like to wish Joe good fortune, prosperity and continued success.”

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