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Jim Boone returns to Volition, new installment of Saints Row series worked on?

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The American video game developer Volition is not going through its best moment. After years of outstanding success with the Saints Row series, the studio decided to try new proposals and opted for Agents of Mayhem, a title that derives from the universe of the series but has not achieved good sales.

There may be several reasons why the action game of Agents of Mayhem was not that great among fans in comparison to Saints Row series, and therefore to analyze them Jim Boone has returned to Volition, one of the people responsible for the creation of the Saints Row saga. The producer has left his post at Riot Games for his return to the Volition company.

With each closure of development cycle, layoffs occur in the studios. In the case of Volition and Agents of Mayhem, the reduction of personnel has been especially palpable. Boone hopes that with his work the developer will re-channel his future.

The producer admits to GamesIndustry that the situation the developer is going through is not easy, considering that he has returned to a time that other companions had to leave the company, but he hopes that in the future the situation can be improved with new projects.

In his own words, Jim Boone stated the following: “It was only a brief little whirlwind of being back last week, and it was a weird combination of emotions that you could just see on everyone. Obviously, with the reduction, no one is going to be happy about that. You’re not cheering the fact that some of your friends have been laid off. But there are a lot of professionals there who understand that sometimes these things happen.”

We will have to wait for the next months to know what the developer has in hand. Maybe it’s time to see a new installment of the Saints Row series pretty soon.