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Jeffree Star Cremated Palette Creates Quite a Buzz

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Beauty mogul Jeffree Star posted a video on Saturday unveiling his new eyeshadow palette but it stirred a backlash among fans. It is called the Cremated palette that aims to give people the perfect gothic look with dark eyeshadow shades. However, it didn’t go well with the public who criticized the YouTuber for promoting his beauty line during a global pandemic and moreover for calling it CREMATED! Critics called him “tone-deaf” and “insensitive”. Read along to know more.

On Friday, Jeffree took to Instagram to announce the release of their latest product under Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His post said “Get ready to be deceased”, and put a picture of the product with marbled packaging. He also mentioned that he will reveal the product with a YouTube video. While the initial announcement was praised by his YouTube contemporaries, the fans had a different way to look at things.

Cremated Palette Reveal

Jeffree Star told his viewers about the metallic shades present in the brand-new eyeshadow palette. He said that there was a forthcoming collection of Cremated but the release was postponed due to the pandemic.

Jeffree Star said that he had planned a gothic and dark spring, but the plans didn’t go his way. The cremated palette has gothic neutrals and comes with a catchphrase “I’m deceased”. He also went onto say why he and his friends have been mesmerized by the product. These colors have been his thing from teenage and he is happy to finally make his unique statement through it.

The video then moved onto him showing different shades and had ‘weird’ and ‘beautiful ugly grey’ tones. There was one called ‘pure cocaine white’. Within 24 hours, the video got more than 4 million views and trended on number 1 for two days straight.


While some fans did react with enthusiasm for the product, Jeffree Star received intense backlash online. Comments stated that he is being insensitive by sharing makeup products at a time when a virus has taken away more than 300,000 people.

Jeffree was trending on Twitter after his announcement. Most of it wasn’t good because of the cremated palette theme. A lot of people are looking at it as a mockery of the global pandemic that has killed thousands of people. By Saturday night, Jeffree started getting a lot of backlash on Instagram as well.

Jeffree had to come to his defense and talk about his new palette in a neutral way. He claimed that the product is the “talk of the town” and he accepts both negative and positive reactions.

Star went on to talk about what people are posting on Twitter. He explained that the Cremated palette is his creation for the world and people can interpret it the way they want. He said he is coming from a good thought and also went onto say that he is proud of his work. Finally, he asked his fans to not take the name in a negative way.

Jeffree also said that his father has been cremated and he lost two pet dogs last year, who have been cremated. So, nothing comes from a negative place in his life. He also went onto say that a lot of people can articulate things in their way, but that’s not always what’s meant.