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Jeanette Lee, Billiard’s Black Widow, Fighting for Life Due to Cancer

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The celebrated billiard personality Jeanette Lee, whose other popular name is the Black Widow, revealed that she has cancer. Doctors have diagnosed her with the deadly disease, as her friends said. There feel immense sorrow their friend Lee may not survive even a year.


Jeanette Lee in stage four ovarian cancer

There is a GoFundMe found in the name of the famous billiard player who is just 49 years old. Her family, friends, and we’ll wishers said that Jeannette is now at stage four of ovarian cancer. Her diagnosis came only recently.

The black widow, a.k.a Jeanette Lee’s friends and family, said that cancer had spread into her other areas in her body too. There is with her immune system glands, i.e., lymph nodes function. She has a brief period now to survive, as doctors have said.

Lee, the Black Widow, fiercely fighting cancer

Lee’s doctors are saying that the American billiard player is fighting the cancer battle with immense bravery. She is going through every treatment possible to beat the battle of death.

According to the association of American Pool player Lee said that she wants to fight the ultimate battle and clinch the win as she used to do at the billiard table.

Jimmy V stood by Jennette Lee, said never back down

Jimmy V a.k.a Jim Valvano, the famous basketball player, told her never to back down and not lose hope. There are three daughters of hers for whom she needs to keep fighting.

Jeanette Lee started her career more than three decades before. She showed her dominance as one of the fierce pool players during the ’90s. Lee was the number 1 billiard player for a long time. People had given her the nickname Spider as she was deadly at the pool table with her impressive killing shots.

Lee got Hall of Fame from America’s Billiard Congress in 2013. She had to quit career billiard at the peak of her success due to scoliosis.

Lee will go through several treatments to survive longer

Jeanette will have to go through several surgeries in the next few days. Further, treatment in the coming months will try to decelerate her cancer spreading.

The family and friends confirm that Lee will go through several surgeries and treatment. The process can slow down cancer. However, chances of survival is low.