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Jak II PS4 European Version Slowdown Problem, Patch Coming Soon


Jak II, Jak III, and Jak X Combat Racing are now available in Europe as part of the PS Classics series. Jak II: Renegade, however, seems to present some technical problems too much in the PAL version of the title.

Specifically, the movements of the protagonists appear to be slowed down drastically, making it impossible to play the game, as evidenced by the video published at the bottom of this news.

One of the developers on Twitter said that the team has identified the cause of the problem and is already working on a fix to solve this issue. It remains obvious to wonder how it is possible not to have noticed it before the release, but now the damage is done.

It should be noted that the problem arises exclusively in the European version of the game, which suggests that it may be due to the use of the 50Hz PAL format in the European Continent.

We look forward to the corrective patch, expected to arrive in the coming days.