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Jade Raymond Reveals Details About Motive’s New IP

Jade Raymond climbed into the limelight for her work on Assassin’s Creed, which of course made her a special person even for her later projects.

Jade Raymond is now the producer of Electronic Arts, where she is in charge of carrying out a new project at Motive, of which practically nothing is known, even if it seems to be a single player, considering the inclinations of Raymond. However, this is a new intellectual property and some details in this regard also emerged from a recent interview conducted by GameInformer with the developer, which we condense a bit in what follows.

The game seems to be a “dynamic” action-adventure that aims to innovate the genre, set in a vast and “living” world that evolves continuously. It is not just about killing, according to reports. The concept of gameplay goes beyond the traditional fundamentals of action, focusing above all on exploration and discovery.

Developers are building the game and its world with flexibility in mind as the main element, in order to remove the barriers and allow new forms of interaction to the players.

It also seems to have social characteristics inside it, able to build a strong community that interacts and with the ability to share the experiences of the game in some way. The setting seems to point to science fiction although this point is not very clear.

In any case, it is a project still in its early stages of construction, so it will still take some time to find out something more precise.

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