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Is Salt And Water An Effective Substitute To Mouthwash?

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Rinsing your mouth with salt water is considered to be beneficial in many ways. Salt water is not only cheaper but also an effective mouthwash that works by sucking out water from bacteria via osmosis. The home-made An Effective Substitute mouthwash solution also helps to provide a safeguard against infection, especially after completing a dental procedure.

It’s a perfect option for people who suffer from gum sores, sore throats, and also those who recently underwent some specialized dental procedure. Although rinsing your mouth with salt and water does not substitute for modern dental hygiene practice, it is often used to provide support for children and adults alike.

However, using salt and water as mouthwash dates back to many centuries ago. The ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian inhabitants used salt in many ways to help treat inflammations in both the young and old. Its use can be traced to more than 2000 years ago.

Salt helps to inhibit the development of dental bacteria- An Effective Substitute

What many people would ask is how salty water helps to reduce the amount of bacteria that exists in the dental system. When used, salty water helps to make the PH of your mouth more alkaline, and this creates an environment where most dental bacteria can never survive. Just like a variety of other microorganisms, bacteria thrive well in an acidic environment, and the alkaline conditions that bacteria create make it impossible for them to survive and also breed.

The healing properties of salt water- An Effective Substitute

Using salt water has also been proven to promote healing. After minor dental surgery, dentists recommend the use of salt water since it helps hasten the recovery process. Since salt water is considered to be an isotonic solution, it has minerals and salts that our bodies have in similar concentrations. This is why most dental experts recommend this solution as a gentle healing aid after you have undergone a dental surgical procedure.

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How to make salt water mouth rinse

Making your mouth rinse from salt water should never be a hard thing to do. You take some warm water and mix in 12 teaspoons of table salt. You can use it two or three times a day the first few days after you have undergone surgery. Thereafter, you can choose to use it three or four times. This rinse helps in the following ways

  • Soothes and also heals ores in our mouths.
  • It’s beneficial for a sore throat that has been caused by tonsillitis, a common cold, or strep.
  • It provides an emergency and also an alternative method of oral hygiene in scenarios where there is no regular toothpaste or mouthwash handy.


People have been using salt and water as mouthwash since 2000 years ago, and it has been proven to work well against bacteria. It works by making the inside of the mouth more acidic, and this does not support the breeding of most forms of bacteria that would be a problem for your oral system. A salt mouth rinse is a fantastic choice whether you need a homemade backup remedy for your regular mouthwash or want something complementary.