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Is moissanite carat the same as diamond?

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There is a huge variety in the world of gemstones. Each of them has something special that makes it special. But what makes diamond and moissanite special is that they are so similar, yet different.

A large number of people confuse these two precious stones, which we can often see on rings, especially on engagement rings. The most talked about value is the carats of diamonds and moissanite. Is moissanite the same carat as a diamond? Wondering what the differences are between these two gemstones? We talk much more on the subject today, bringing you interesting information and many answers. Let’s get started!

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone that we often see on engagement rings offered by jewelers, but it can also be seen on other ring styles. It is a precious stone that is very similar to a diamond, but there are still differences. The differences are minimal when we see the two crafted stones, but they still exist. The difference exists primarily in the carats that the diamond and moissanite have, and we will talk more about whether the carats are the same and what the difference is in the sequel.

Is one-carat moissanite the same as a one-carat diamond?

Oftentimes, gem lovers want to buy something new and different. Thus, when they go to a jeweler, they are introduced to moissanite and diamond, which are very similar. But are they similar in karat? Is one carat of this beautiful gem the same as one carat of a diamond? The answer is no. One carat of moissanite is significantly larger than one carat of diamond, which means that moissanite is less valuable than the diamond, and this is reflected in the carats. But it is still considered one of the more valuable and beautiful stones that you can afford.

What are the similarities and differences between moissanite and diamond?

As we have already said, we are talking about two similar precious stones, which if we put them next to each other, will not be so easy to see the similarities and differences. For this purpose, we made a comparison of these two stones. What are their similarities and differences? We find out below.


  • Moissanite and Diamond Value

If we compare these two precious stones, then we will see that the value of a diamond is much higher. So for example for a one-carat diamond, you should pay 1420 dollars to 17000 dollars. For this amount, you could get about two carats of moissanite, and possibly more, which means that the diamond is worth more.


  • A comparison of the hardness of moissanite and diamond

If we make a comparison on the Mohs scale of hardness, then a diamond would have a score of 10 or a score close to ten (depending on how the diamond was done), while this nice gem can have a score of up to 9.7. This shows that these are some of the hardest gemstones that are difficult to break.


  • Reflection in moissanite and diamond

Although these two stones are the same at first glance, they are still different, and another proof of that is the reflection. Moissanite reflects in many colors, that is, when you look at it in the light you can see a reflection in the colors of the rainbow. On the other hand, we have the diamond which has a reflection of white to golden white color. That makes them completely different, but at the same time unique in their own way.


  • Carat difference between moissanite and diamond

As we have already said, for one carat of diamond, you can get up to 2 carats of moissanite. This means that you get a larger moissanite for the same price as you would a smaller diamond.

These are the main three similarities, but at the same time differences can be seen between moissanite and diamond. Seeing this begs the question – where can these two stones be bought?


Can you buy moissanite in the same places as a diamond?

Diamonds as we all know can be bought in specialized gem stores, and gold stores, but also in specialized stores for expensive accessories. And what about moissanite? Moissanite can also be found in the same sales facilities, with the price being slightly lower than diamond. It can be a great replacement for any of you who love diamonds but don’t have enough funds to afford them.


How to clean and maintain moissanite?

If you only have this nice gem as a stone or you have a ring, necklace, or necklace made with this type of precious stone, in that case, it is important to clean it occasionally. You can do it yourself if you polish it with a woolen cloth, but it’s best to take it to the store where you bought it to have it polished for you at least once a year. All you need is a quality cloth to gently press and polish the moissanite.


Moissanite jewelry is just as beautiful as diamond jewelry!

If you are thinking of buying a ring for yourself or simply want to give someone a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that will hold something of value, choose moissanite. Why? It is as beautiful as a diamond, the only difference is the sparkle. The beauty is impeccable in both precious stones, so you will have equally beautiful jewelry or you will give jewelry that will look glamorous. That’s why you can choose jewelry according to your desire, which will have moissanite on it. Beauty is equal to that of “white handsome”, so don’t think too much.

Moissanite and diamond are related stones in appearance, but they differ in carat, luster, and a few other details. These details are only apparent if you do enough research. According to extremely interesting data, we can see that these are very similar precious stones that match perfectly. We believe that your next choice will be moissanite, the twin brother of the diamond and that this precious stone will become your next love.