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Is Fiddlerman a good brand for Cello?

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One of the famous instrument brands is Fiddlerman. You’ll see professional cellists using Fiddlerman cellos in their performances. There are also many reviews online about it, saying that it’s a top-notch, quality brand to try. So, if you want to dig more about this brand and whether it’s good, stick with this article until the end.


What is Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman is a widely known brand of various instruments such as violins, cellos, and accessories. The owner of Fiddlerman is Pierre Holstein, with a mission of connecting music enthusiasts to high-quality instruments. 

The said brand has been around for 13 years and has successfully established a good reputation among music enthusiasts. They also offer a wide range of models and sizes, so you can ensure you’ll find one that fits you.

Is it a good brand?

Yes, Fiddlerman is a good brand, and here’s why.

Quality handmade instruments

Fiddlerman instruments are known for their quality and craftsmanship. They have a keen eye and attention to every detail of their instrument and accessories. The owner himself is very hands-on in instrument making, from start to finish, from design to construction to final tuning.

They also ensure they use the right and sturdy wood and material to construct their cellos. They offer a wide range of model choices, from beginners to advanced players.

Fully adjusted

This is one of the best advantages of Fiddlerman instruments in the market. If you purchase their instruments, especially cellos, it is already adjusted; if not, it is hassle-free to tune. 

What’s the difference? If you purchase an instrument from other brands, you might find it hard to tune. But with Fiddlerman, they always make sure that their instruments are friendly and easy to tune. This is why they’re ideal for beginner cello players.


Fiddlerman aims to provide instruments that anyone can buy, especially beginners. This is why they made sure that they prioritized affordability while not compromising the quality of their products. 

This is also why they are one of the most famous instrument makers in the industry. They are pocket-friendly for anyone who wants to own an instrument.

Quality accessories

Aside from instruments such as violins and cellos, Fiddlerman also sells accessories for these instruments. They craft various accessories, such as bows and strings, with the finest and high-quality materials. That’s why many people call them a one-stop shop since they have the accessories you’ll ever need in an instrument. With Fiddlerman, you can enjoy a hassle-free instrument shopping experience.


There is no doubt that Fiddlerman is a well-known brand of instrument. And yes, it is a good brand of cello to try. We’ve laid down why we think Fiddlerman is one of the best manufacturers in the market, and you can refer to it before deciding whether to purchase a Fiddlermand cello.

But here’s the fact. A brand won’t make such a noise if people don’t adore them for their quality products and services. A good brand will rise, while a bad brand will surely stumble. In the case of Fiddlerman, they’ve established their name for almost a decade, and they have a reputable figure, which can prove that they are indeed a good cello brand.