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Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest Review

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Missing Features is a Bad Sign

The game came out one week ago and it has been missing some features. Unfortunately, a week later they’re still missing.

That said, it’s not like the majority of reviews for this game are wrong. The multiplayer gameplay feels really good. All of the moment, all CoD MW2 weapons feel really, really great.The sound design, the visual fidelity are also on point. The developers removed some of the annoying hidden mechanics such as slide canceling, jump-shots and the game became a little bit more focused on positioning. You certainly don’t see a lot of people running around, jumping and sliding like crazy. Although these things aren’t gone for good, it’s definitely the move in the right direction. The gunplay is as incredible as always. Ever since MW 2019, MW2 all weapons feel unique, and customizing them will make your guns feel even more different than they already are.

The way the progression system is handled, especially around the attachment system on the guns makes you use and experience the entirety of the offered options and not just the best ones. And this contributes to the overall variety of weapon builds. All MW2 weapons can have more than two viable builds and this is amazing. Just to give you a little bit more context, in previous installments the way the progression system worked was – you take one gun and play with it until you unlock everything, from camos to attachments.

Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest ReviewIn this installment, attachments are unlocked by completing challenges from different types of weapons, but the attachment itself is unlocked for all weapons it is available on once those challenges are completed! This system encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the entire arsenal the game offers in order to find your very own MW2 best guns. The mechanic of unlocking weapons is also different. Before, guns would unlock with levels and you had no say in which guns you unlock first. MW2 adds an illusion of a choice to the mix. You see, in order to unlock Kastov 545, you must first level up Kastov 762. To unlock the Kastov 74U you must level up Kastov 545 or, instead you could unlock RPK and work on that.

Camo challenges are just as good this time around. They are both simplistic enough to do and universal. All weapons in MW2 have 4 basic camos and as soon as you unlock them on one weapon, they become available on all the others.

Map and Minimap Design
Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest Review

CoD fans are always paying a lot of attention to how the multiplayer maps are made. As a franchise, CoD has had a lot of really good, legendary maps that even reappear and different installments, but there’s always a good chunk of poorly designed ones that are hated by a lot of fans. So which type of maps is prevalent in MW2? Well, the map design is kind of subjective. Most reviewers say that overall, the design is above average across the board. Especially when it comes to color palettes used. CoD maps are known for having either brown, green or gray colors. Thankfully, this time around the maps are more vibrant. Maps are also structured in such a way that allows you to use your own best MW2 weapons on all of them. In other words, every map has sports for snipers, close-quarters for shotgun and SMG users and mid to long range lanes for AR, LMG and DMR weapons.

The game mode variety is also good enough. You have your standard CoD modes like TDM, Hardpoint, etc and a couple of exclusive ones such as the Prisoner Rescue and even 3rd-person TDM.

Unfortunately, not all is as good as it seems. Specifically, the mini-map somehow works very clunky. The mini-map is supposed to be an essential tool that allows you to get an idea about the enemy position before you see them.

Less Useful Perks

Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest Review

Unfortunately, the only way to spot the enemy without seeing them is not done via the mini-map (originally if an enemy shoots or spartans they highlight on the mini-map) but rather by listening to the footsteps. Well, at least you’ll learn what the best weapons in MW2 sound like fast enough thanks to that. On top of that, most kill streaks feel significantly less useful compared to the UAV, which means that everyone is just spamming UAVs all matches long. Streaks like Chopper Gunner don’t get you any frags, as they are immediately shot down as soon as you use them. Some blame the skill-based matchmaking for that, but, honestly this was always the case in all CoD games.

The perks aren’t done very well in this iteration of the franchise either. The developers decided to reinvent the wheel with them and the way it works now is that at the start of each match you have 2 basic perks and to activate the other, more advanced that you are equipped, you must play a couple of minutes. This actually doesn’t feel like you’re creating a new class that is tailored to your playstyle anymore. Unlike with modern warfare 2 2022 weapons, you just grab whatever the first two perks seem the most decent to you and roll with them. By the time you get access to advanced perks, the outcome of the match has already been decided, and there’s just no point in them anymore.

The Spawn System Is Messed Up

Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest Review

Another thing that the developers have added that doesn’t work as well as they thought it would is the squad-spawn system. Like in some other FPS games, this system allows you to respawn not in your team’s designated respawn point but rather next to your squadmate. This is to make sure that you don’t waste your time running back to where all the action takes place. However, this feature really backfired since now you die almost as soon as you spawn next to your teammate who is engaging with an enemy. This also means that you can’t casually level up weapons in MW2 because you’re forced into action and have no word in deciding which position to take. As a result you get spawn-killed a lot in this game. In previous CoD games, fans were complaining about the spawns as part of poorly designed maps, But now the bad spawns are not tied to the map design, but rather to the new squad-spawn system. Hopefully, this means that the developers can fix it more quickly. For now, however, reaching the Modern Warfare maximum weapon level is just as frustrating as before.

Speaking of guns, there’s still some balancing issues that need to be addressed. The situation is significantly better than say the release of CoD: Black Ops Cold War, but there are still some weapons in this game that need to be tuned better. Having the Modern Warfare maximum weapon level is nice and all, but you don’t want to be forced to play using only the OP guns.

The big elephant in the room when it comes to imbalance in guns are the sniper rifles. Some mods allow you to decrease the ADS speed so much that it makes quick scoping with SRs very easy. And all would be good if not for the fact that SRs don’t have “flinch”. Which means that as long as you use the quickscope, you will never miss. There has to be some kind of recoil when using semi-auto or bolt-action rifles. Because without it, people that play with aim assist will simply fly through Call of Duty MW 2 ranks with zero effort spent. And imagine being on the receiving end of this!

What to Do While Waiting Until The Devs will Fix These Issues?

Is CoD: MW2 a Good Sequel? Honest Review

Thankfully none of these issues seem like something that would require a lot of time to fix. The devs will need to be smart about it, no doubt, but sooner or later, all of these rough edges will be smoothed out.

But what should you do while the game is still not exactly enjoyable and sometimes broken? That Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 level won’t reach itself, you know? Well, you don’t have to quit the game and put it on a shelf, metaphorically speaking. Especially if you really enjoy playing it and have been waiting for it for years. MW2 boosting  is something that can help you not lose any time and not fall behind while you’re taking a break from the game. If you don’t wish to quit the game no matter how unbalanced it is now, then at least you could benefit from playing with MW2 boosters who will help you reach your in-game goals.

This isn’t an advertisement of any sorts, but the fact is – lots of people are already using a boost MW2 for one thing or another. There’s nothing wrong with that! Some of us can’t dedicate ten hours a day grinding the camos, no matter how smart the new system is. So, to save time and effort, lots of people are contacting various service providers and using their Modern Warfare 2 boost services. Maybe you should do the same!