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Ira game could be coming to Nintendo Switch


The developers of Ira have indicated that the game could reach the Nintendo Switch console when development kits are available and accessible to them.

This weekend, the Game Creators Conference took place in Japan. During the event, Masaru Mitsuyoshi, from Nintendo, made a joint presentation with Masaru Ijuin, from Capcom, to talk about Nintendo Switch.


Among the comments highlighted is the fact that the price of the development kits for the upcoming Nintendo hybrid console has been revealed. It is confirmed that they will cost about 50,000 yen, which would be about 418 euros. It’s not bad seeing the base price of the console, which would indicate that the Kyoto company has learned from the mistakes made with Wii U.

This news has caught the attention of independent developers who were not aware of the price of these kits. For example, the studio of Ira Ore Creative, an adventure point and click, have reacted excitedly to the news indicating that their game could reach the hybrid platform.

Through their social network, their Twitter account posted a message stating that “Ira might be coming to the Switch!”, a message that was completed shortly after when an independent developer suggested that development kits are not yet widely available.

In front of the commentary of Adam Dayton, from the official account of the game it was answered that “Yeah, whenever that happens. Cant be too long now. I check the developer portal daily,” which suggests a particular interest to start The work of conversion, although no official announcement has been made yet.

Ira is an adventure game that is being developed by Ore Creative for PC with an expected release for the month of April. It proposes a graphic adventure with surreal style in which the past and the present are intermixed in a mysterious solar system.