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IO Interactive confirms Three Seasons of Hitman

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The Adventures of Agent 47 will not end with the release of the physical edition of Hitman, which was delayed to early 2017. IO Interactive is planning to upgrade three seasons. The news indirectly confirms a second, which was not announced.

Hitman 2016 Game

The Io-Interactive studio revealed that they are planning three “seasons” content for the stealth game Hitman, according to the episodic terminology and system of division into sections.

“Any plans for a Season 2 for hitman? Or any more episodes after its done,” asked one of the Twitter fans to the production. The official Twitter account of Hitman responded “Of course, our plan is to have three seasons. Although Season Two hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

On August 16, the episodic adventure takes us to a luxury hotel in Bangkok. There, and in the Club 27, players mission must deal with Jordan Cross, an emerging rock star, leader of the indie band The Class, and Ken Morgan, counsel for the Cross family.

We’ll have to explore the hotel, its facilities, locations, entrances and exits, while we revel in the exotic gardens and the natural environment surrounding the luxury resort.

At the beginning of next year, it will debut a boxed version then, connecting all seven parts (six major plus summer bonus).

It is not currently clear exactly what the creators are planning for next season, but I can guess that you will need to re-purchase a pass, enabling them to download new content.

The decision on the distribution of the latest Hitman seasons and episodes met with considerable criticism shortly after the announcement in January, but now the excitement has somewhat subsided.