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IO Interactive Confirms Hitman 3 Along With A New IP

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While Hitman 2 is preparing to receive new content with, in particular, a new map, Hitman 3 has been just announced. This is as unexpected as it is sudden, yet it is official. The information comes from IO Interactive itself via a video published earlier today.

This is a surprising way of doing things. The Swedish studio had announced surprises for their monthly live update and it did not lie. Indeed, while more details have been made on the future content of Hitman 2, a report is launched. This one is particularly about the creation of a new studio, on the side of Malmö, which is in charge of the creation of the DLC of Hitman 2. Then, as if nothing happened, the report announces also that the teams on the spot are developing the third Hitman game. No, it’s not a mistake, Hitman 3 is therefore in development and it should find the episodic format.

Well, info level, for a stream Hitman 2 is not bad, right? But it does not stop there. The report goes on to say that the majority of the Copenhagen team, IO’s historic site, are working on something secret. Or, to be more precise, on something new. Then, it is the turn of Hakan Abrak, the boss of the studio, to speak.

“We are still very much independent,” Abrak says afterward. “We’re looking into the future with new things, potentially new IPs that we might be working on. We’ve created four original IP from scratch. Creating new characters and worlds and what not is part of our DNA. We’re looking forward to bringing new stuff as well, apart from growing Hitman, into the world.”

So there you have it. This studio, which is said to be closer and closer to Microsoft, is now working on Hitman 3 and a brand new IP. It remains to be seen who will accompany them in these projects.