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Invader Studios: Daymare 1998 Will Be the First Chapter of a Trilogy, Game Length 5-10 Hours

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Since its official announcement, Daymare 1998 has attracted the attention of lovers of the horror genre thanks to the fame that the development team, the Italians of Invader Studios, managed to create among the Resident Evil community with the unofficial remake of the second episode.

A project that was noted by Capcom itself, who congratulated the team led by Michele Giannone with an official invitation in their headquarters. Since the cancellation of the unofficial remake (mainly due to Capcom’s desire to develop it on its own), Invader Studios has started working on the proprietary brand Daymare, with 1998 which represents the first episode of what, if successful, could become a real trilogy.

Recently, in an interview with Tom’s Hardware, the co-founder of Invader Studios, Michele Giannone, shed some light on Daymare 1998. In that sense, when he was questioned about whether the game has more than one ending, he stated the following: “No. We want the game to be the first chapter of a trilogy, so it’s actually something that will then lead to possible new iterations.”

Giannone also talked about the longevity of Daymare 1998. “We have not yet released information on longevity in a precise manner, but I can assure you that you go beyond five hours and you can safely get up to ten,” he said. So there you have it, the duration of the game will be not more than 5-10 hours.

Waiting to get our hands on the full version, we remind you that Daymare 1998 will release this summer on PC and a few weeks later also on PS4 and Xbox One.