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Inti Creates: PS5 & Xbox Scarlett Might Have Tough Time Competing Because Exclusivity Is Dying


The next-gen consoles, expected by the end of 2020, gets closer and closer, and although there are still many interesting games for PS4 and Xbox One, it is undeniable that many are just waiting to see and then get their hands on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. The desire for new gaming machines is palpable in many video game environments, but this does not mean that everyone is optimistic about the future of Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Takuya Aizu, president of Inti Creates (Mega Man Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gal*Gun), said that Sony and Microsoft will have to cope up with a difficult time with PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, because in his opinion “exclusivity is dying” and something new must be invented. Speaking to Video Games Chronicles, Aizu said that nowadays most games are cross-platform or become so after a period of exclusivity.

Let’s see his words: “I think it might be pretty tough [for new consoles] because at this point in time exclusivity is dying. There are a lot of games coming out on multiple platforms and even if they don’t at first, they get ported to other platforms later on. So when these companies put out new consoles I think one of the most important things for them is going to be how many exclusives they can have at their launch, because if they don’t have those then the chance that they’re going to have a failed launch is going to be pretty high I think.”

He added: “The other thing that will determine the new consoles’ fate is the precedent that Nintendo Switch set. It does something new that no system can or has done. So whatever these new systems are, they’re going to need to offer an experience that you can only have by owning it. I think that, especially with the precedent that Nintendo Switch has set, that uniqueness is more important than ever now.”

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Finally, he also commented on the mobile market, stating that the only company capable of competing within it is Nintendo. PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, according to Aizu, will not need portability to succeed.

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