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Internet Trolls Lady Gaga for Not Knowing What Fortnite Is

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Although for many of us Fortnite is part of our life, it is not so for everyone: there are still people outside the fever of the game of Epic Games, although it seems incredible. In fact, one of those people is nothing more and nothing less than the singer Lady Gaga. She doesn’t know what this Fortnite is, but the players and the community have taken care to explain it to her, in their own way.

It all started when the artist, whom we have also seen starring recently in the movie called A star is born with Bradley Cooper, wrote on her Twitter account: “What’s fortnight”. Check her tweet below.

The players, of course, did not miss the opportunity to respond to the singer in what Fortnite is. “A very addictive video game that you can’t stop playing once you enter,” wrote a user. “This is just the funniest tweet to ever exist,” Samsora also said.

In turn, the popular streamer Ninja responded by playing a GIF of her song, and the official Twitter Gaming account itself also did not miss the opportunity to respond to Lady Gaga stating that: “It’s the ARTPOP of video games.”

Other users, directly, joked with Gaga’s tweet: “will someone please take gaga’s phone away.” While others like ‘LG Updates’ dedicated themselves to solving exactly what Fortnight means – maybe that’s what the artist was asking:

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While Lady Gaga’s tweet already has almost 171,000 retweets and has already over 700,000 likes, fans are already enjoying Fortnite Chapter 2: this new stage of the Epic Games game arrives after a black hole that swallowed all the game content.

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