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Insomniac Talks About Sunset Overdrive Xbox One X Patch, and Sequel

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The Resetera community regularly organizes question and answer sessions for developers. Recently James Stevenson, the community director of Insomniac Games, has answered questions from users, some related to old games of the studio, like Sunset Overdrive.

On the possibility of an update to take advantage of Xbox One X with Sunset Overdrive, Stevenson explains that currently it is not possible. Insomniac is totally focused on finishing Spider-Man: “Realistically it’s not in the cards at this point.”

“Our engine code is several years developed from Sunset Overdrive, and to re-open that project and try to piece it in there, on a new piece of hardware, plus all of the testing and resources going into it, isn’t something we’re able to do in house. Right now everyone here is focused on Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Stevenson explained.

On the possibility of seeing a sequel, he admitted that they have “lots” of ideas if they can do Sunset Overdrive 2.

One of the sagas created during the past generation was Resistance. On the possibility of a remastered version of the trilogy, Stevenson says that although Insomniac would not take care of this adaptation, they would definitely like to see it. “As many of you know we don’t usually do any ports in-house, so if that was going to happen, it’d be up to PlayStation, but we’d love to see it. We hear from folks all the time who want to play those games again.”

He also wonders if the team was ordered to create a “Halo killer” by Sony, to which he responds “Honestly, I don’t think it was any effort to draw attention away from Halo, we really admired (and still do!) the Halo series. Insomniac’s first ever game, Disruptor, was an FPS, and the genre had a soft spot in our hearts. I think there had been a desire after making three Ratchet & Clank games in 3 years to do something new.”

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“At the time at Insomniac, you’d see people doing LAN parties and playing Battlefield 1942 and other games for hours on end. We had a codified Frag Friday where people played games for hours at the end of the work week against each other. It just felt natural to make our own FPS at that point, and we were fortunate enough to be able to finish the game in time for the PS3’s Launch,” Stevenson concluded.

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