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Insomniac Games: No Plans To Release Spider-Man Demo for PS4

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Since its revelation, Marvel’s Spider-Man generated all kinds of doubts among the fans of the arachnid hero. Now that we know the release date of the title, PlayStation 4 users continue to ask about the title with many questions. Fortunately, Insomniac Games answered some of them.

As usual, Insomniac has used Twitter as a platform to interact with the horde of Spidey followers. There, the studio reported that, for now, there are no plans to release a demo of the game, since they are focused on finishing the game, and although there is no compromise on this aspect, there is a small chance that this will happen.

Fans who are aware of news related to Spider-Man will know that the game scenario will be larger than Sunset Overdrive and will include a lot of content, so expect the installation file to be large. According to the studio, there is no “exact size” [for the download], but it will be great. Nor have they decided if there will be a preload, but that will be resolved near the launch of the title.

Also, the team confirmed that there will be a multiple roll mode as in Spider-Man 2. “We think we have a pretty great implementation that’s easy to pick up but leaves tons of room for mastery,” it said. Regarding the triggers, Insomniac revealed that Spider-Man will have limited networks for certain gadgets, however, “though not for web swinging if that makes sense.”

On the other hand, Insomniac gave more details on pre-purchase incentives. It clarified that the suits and the spider-drone will be available to all players, however, those who set aside the game will be able to get them from the start. The only exclusive pre-order items are the avatar and theme for PlayStation 4.

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Speaking of the costumes, we now know that there will be more information soon. The Spider-Man sections will include 3 costumes, but for now, we only know Spider-Punk and Spider-Man Noir was also shown, but it is not a pre-sale incentive. The studio reported that the second outfit will be revealed “very soon” and the third will be revealed in July. In addition, the cutscenes will show the disguise that the player selects.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will debut on September 7 as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4. Sony will launch a Collector’s Edition that includes a Spider-Man figure and post-release DLC.

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