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Insomniac Games talks about similarities between Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive

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According to the responsible Creative Director of Insomniac Games, the development of the new Spider-Man game for PS4 will also draw on the experience gained during the development of the Microsoft exclusive game Sunset Overdrive.

Next year, the PlayStation 4 console will feature various interesting exclusive titles, including Spider-Man.

The new adventure of Peter Parker is currently being developed by the developers of Insomniac Games. As they have announced in a recent statement, they benefited from the experience gained with the development of the Xbox One exclusive title Sunset Overdrive when working on Spider-Man.

As the Creative Director Bryan Intihar explains, in a review of Sunset Overdrive at the time, Insomniac Games was, in principle, the perfect development studio for a new Spider-Man title. “When I was reading a Sunset Overdrive review years ago, someone actually mentioned that Insomniac would be great at making a Spider-Man game, so I cut that out and sent it to Sony,” Intihar said.

“I guess, building an open world that is based on traversal, helped a lot, it gave us a leg up to start with, but at the same time, Spider-Man brings a uniqueness to it, Sunset was a lot more grinding and looking for things to go for, Spider-Man can go anywhere, do anything. Sunset gave us a leg up with adapting Spidey’s unique features, but we’re still retaining that same fun fluidity and style,” said Intihar with a look at the work on Sunset Overdrive.

For this reason, it can not be ruled out that users who have played Sunset Overdrive will discover one thing or another in Spider-Man.