Insomniac Games responds to the QTE criticism in Spider-Man for PS4

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One of the major concerns of players in the future game of Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is the apparent presence of an excessive number of Quick Time Events, that is, movements that are activated linked to cutscenes by pressing a certain combination of buttons and that are iconic of other series like God of War, which is going to be trimmed in its new title.

Insomniac Games have responded to the criticisms made around the demo shown at the PlayStation conference, where it could be seen that the presence of QTE was prominent throughout the session, something that will not be so in the game.

The official Twitter account of the studio has, indeed, indicated that the gameplay will focus on action and fighting, check the tweet at the bottom of this news for confirmation.

The studio which is preparing the game of an Arachnid hero for 2018 exclusively for the console of Sony, has highlighted that the demo of E3 2017 is developed to show a “blockbuster moment”, hence it has so many QTE, something that will not be the dominant style adopted during the gameplay, and which will be based on the combat and transversality of the movement of the character in the city.

Insomniac Games have also confirmed that the game will not only stick to the main plot, as players will encounter secondary missions and alternative challenges. The developer doesn’t want to go into specific details at the moment: they have only confirmed that the title will have free-roam.

Spider-Man is one of the most ambitious projects of PS4 and its release date is set for the first half of 2018.


  • whats the big deal thats how the play station has always been.evrey big game for sony is a qte game.thats what they like on the play station i did when i had a ps one but i grew up and stopped playing qte games.

    the order,god of war,the last of us and spider man that is sony.they love their qte games.

  • What are you talking about almost all major games on any console have QTE moments. It’s a way to keep you in control while watching pretty much what could be considered cutscenes.

  • Insomniac, you owe no explanation. We know your track record for making excellent games. You’re Sonys other Naughty Dog. Just keep working a great game and don’t get distracted with all of this c*ap. Ratchet and Clank was amazing! Sunset Overdrive was a shame it didn’t see PlayStation shores but, that’s okay, you own the I.P. so it can come later so we know your track record. Just make the great game you were going to make. I believe in you Insomniac, welcome home.

  • Of course! we understand that! No one is really complaining! those claims are just from salty gamers that somehow got stuck with the wrong console!

  • Not really! thats only the cries of salty gamers that dont really have
    any meaningful exclusives all this year, I mean, just look at the x1 released ex-clusives this year….sad!

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