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Insider: Star Wars Battlefront 2 will look better on Project Scorpio than on most PCs with native 4K/60 FPS

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Star Wars: Battlefront II has become one of the sensations for 2017, where the inclusion of the campaign and touring of all the films of the license will be an important incentive. However, its release by the end of the year places it near the dates on which Project Scorpio is expected to arrive.

We are not surprised by the statements that are news today, given that it has been a while since it was confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront II will make use of the power of Scorpio. However, one of the Windows Central insiders would have made a statement via twitter that will surely please many fans who are planning to take a Scorpio and enjoy Star Wars Battlefront II on the new upcoming console of Microsoft.

“I already know Battlefront II will run and look better on Scorpio than the VAST majority of PCs on Steam, native 4K @ 60 FPS,” says Jez Corden, WC Editor. A goal that for many is the new standard of these new platforms that have seen the light to complement with the current generation. The power of Project Scorpio is undeniable today, but the data it will offer is starting to be more than exciting. This is a promise that it would bring a new level of quality, that games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, as it is in this case, or the recent discovery of Project CARS 2 in an even performance, making the community to dream who are looking for these parameters to enjoy the games.

It is too early to discuss these aspects, where there is evidence that there are other projects that seem to have put their requirements above some of these machines, case of Destiny 2, which has not yet confirmed its support for Project Scorpio. 2017 is going to be a year full of important decisions, which will make the games adapt to the new machine of Microsoft, which will offer, in the words of those responsible for Redmond, the best versions of the games.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II is confirmed to make its presence at EA Play, an event that Electronic Arts will hold before E3 between June 10 and 12.