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Injustice 2 “Everything You Need to Know” Trailer Released

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Warner Bros. and NetherRealm today released a new trailer titled “Everything You Need to Know” Of the fighting video game Injustice 2, which lasts 5 minutes and features a wealth of different aspects of the game.

Injustice 2 is only a week away for its launch to the public, and to heat the engines Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios today released a new trailer for the game.

This new trailer, titled “Everything you need to know”, briefly shows how the story will be found in Injustice 2 during the confrontation of Superman, Batman and superheroes against villains. We will also see the manageable characters in the game and the customization options that will be included for the combats.

Among its characteristics, players get a closer look at the Story Mode and the variety of superheroes and villains that will be available in various alliances or factions led by Batman, Gorilla Grood and others.

In addition, the video also presents a new social option in which players will have the opportunity to form guilds with up to 50 other members, with whom they can share equipment and build their own team.

For its part, the launch of the game is already very close, as it will arrive in this month on May 16 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with more interesting gameplay modes that will give a greater depth to this expected title.

Do not miss the video below.

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