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Indivisible in consideration for Nintendo Switch

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Lab Zero Games, the team that is developing the action role-playing game Indivisible, has indicated that it is possible that the game will also launch on Switch, the new console of Nintendo. So far the game is confirmed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The studio is talking to 505 Games about the possibility of bringing the title on Switch.

It seems that Lab Zero Games, the studio creator of Skullgirls, sees the new system of Nintendo as an alternative viable for development. In December 2015 they commented via their account on Twitter that they had an interest in this system, but before promising something they wanted to know more. And yesterday, when asked by a fan, they have said that Indivisible is something they are considering for Nintendo Switch.

On the social network Twitter, a user asked about the chances of the title to be released on Nintendo Switch and the studio has admitted that they are talking with 505 Games, but did not make any promises. “We are currently investigating the possibility of a Switch release with 505 Games, but no promises,” they said.

It is not the first time the company has indicated that there is a possibility of supporting the Nintendo console, but for now there is still no confirmation.

This game is a action RPG, but with elements of a Metroidvania, whose battle system is inspired by Valkyrie Profile. It features Ajna, a girl who is in search of answers about the strange powers she possesses.