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In Mass Effect Andromeda it won’t be possible to explore the entire galaxy

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New details on Mass Effect Andromeda emerges online thanks to the creative Director Mac Walters, always very active on Twitter and ready to satisfy the curiosity of fans. This time the director reveals interesting information about the creation of the characters and on the environment.

Mac Walters, creative Director of Mass Effect Andromeda, has released new interesting information about the new installment of the RPG sci-fi series and license plate of Bioware, anticipating that the galaxy will not be explored in its entirety.

So we know that the face of Sarah Ryder and those of the other characters will be based on facial scans, helping to make the most realistic title ever made. Walter has also confirmed that we can not explore the galaxy aboard the Tempest, given the absence of galactic portals. Responding to a fan, Walters also responded affirmatively to the hypothesis that only the “cluster” of Andromeda will be the subject of exploration by the players.

The choice, presumably, is due not only to technological limitations but also fiction, with BioWare who might be interested to reach even the most remote corners of the galaxy in a possible sequel.

Recall that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released in the spring of 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recently Bioware has spoken on the version of PS4 Pro and any editions for Xbox Scorpio and Switch.

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