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IHS Expects Nintendo to Sell 11.7 Million Switch Consoles in 2017

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IHS is a company that is dedicated to assessing market fluctuations. Obviously, Nintendo is in the crosshairs of the entire business world to achieve a radical change in its assets in just one year from its foray into the world of video games for smart devices and the resounding success of its latest conventional console, Nintendo Switch.

After the recent announcement of Nintendo Switch already selling 10 million consoles worldwide, the analyst group IHS has sent its customers a new report with forecasts on the console and foresee that it will manage to sell 11.7 million in total in the year 2017.

The company of expert analysts had initially predicted that Nintendo Switch would sell 4.4 million consoles, but this volume of sales foreseen by IHS has been revised upwards twice this year.

IHS forecasts are based on estimates that Nintendo has managed to save enough consoles to supply the stores during the Christmas campaign, so they believe that in the last weeks of the year a large number of units can be sold.

In this last quarter, the company would have already sold 3.8 million consoles, which suggests that Nintendo has managed to overcome the manufacturing problems that prevented supply stores in the first months of the console.