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I Am Setsuna developer teases a new project?

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A few hours ago Tokyo RPG Factory, software company that was responsible for the development of the much appreciated title of I Am Setsuna, has updated its official website by inserting a new background image that appears to be linked to its last game.

If the name of Tokyo RPG Factory does not sound familiar, you should know that it was the team in charge of developing I Am Setsuna, title currently available on PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The studio, owned by Square Enix, recently updated its website, and indicates that it is already working on a new game. This we tell you since Tokyo RPG Factory has published an image that could well be a teaser of what will be its next project.

I Am Setsuna generated a lot of expectation in 2016, the year it reached the market, as Tokyo RPG Factory promised that the RPG would stick to the classic mechanics of the genre. Despite mixed reviews from players and the media, I Am Setsuna achieved a moderate success, which allowed it to even get to the new Nintendo console with exclusive content.

As you can see in last news, the artwork in question portrays a grassy cliff overlooking a body of water. This type of landscape can hardly be associated with I Am Setsuna, but that is set in a world covered with snow.

What is this first image of the new project from the studio? For the moment we have not been shared information of any kind, to learn more probably we will have to wait until E3 2017.