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I Am Not Okay with This “The Second Most Watched Drama on Netflix”

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For sure, soon Netflix will renew “I Am Not Okay with This” for its second season. Since 26 Feb, this new supernatural dramedy has become Netflix’s second most-watched season.

On 26 Feb, Netflix dropped seven episodes of “I Am Not Okay with This” that’s a supernatural comedy-drama. Indeed, the title and basically, the plotline of the series has depicted it very well that this is another masterpiece just like “The end of the fucking world”.

Just like The end of the fucking world, this drama, “I Am Not Okay with This” has given us a deep insight to understand the complexities of high school teenagers. Moreover, the turns and twists of both of the series are enough to enthrall and give us goosebumps.  However, the later one is different in a way that this series has some supernatural touch.


What is the Story of I Am Not Okay with This Season 1?

In I Am Not Okay with This Season 1, we have witnessed Syd coping up with her father’s tragic death amid dealing with her sexuality, and the consequences of all this that basically, lead her to deal with her extraordinary powers. This means that Syd has some supernatural powers using which she can do things, horrible things with her mind.

Whenever Syd becomes angry or scared, she ends up destroying things. Simply, whatever makes Syd angry, sad, or scared, she gets the hell out of it with her mind.

What Happened to Brad in I Am Not Okay with This?

By the end of I Am Not Okay with This Season 1, we witnessed Syd exploding Brad’s head with the rage of her mind. Brad enraged her, made her angry, in turn, Syd loses control over her mind and ends up killing him.

Well, this wasn’t the end rather it was a beginning that will lead us to have the second season of I Am Not Okay with This.

What Will Happen in I Am Not Okay with This Season 2?

In I Am Not Okay With this Season 2, we will witness the mysterious man telling Syd about her powers, like how she got them, and why her father killed himself. Let’s see the man will help her out or dig her deep into an evil swamp. We hope that Syd will not get punished for whatever she has done with Brad, means for killing Brad.

Moreover, in the second season, we will see whom Syd will choose to be with, either Dina or Stan.