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I Am Not Okay with This : Dear Diary to Reveal Syd’s Complexeties

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The comedy but a way more psychological drama, I Am Not Okay with This is now currently airing on Netflix. Binge-watch to know about the complexities of Syd’s life as every teenager come to face except for the superpowers she has got.

Netflix has just dropped another masterpiece like The end of the F***ing World” entitled “I Am Not Okay with This”. Indeed, since last month, we all were excited to have this series and now as it is currently airing, we can’t wait to binge-watched it. So, go ahead peeps and watch it. Anyhow, if you are confused about whether to watch it or not then let me help you.

I Am Noy Okay with This revolves around the life of a teenage girl named Syd who’s unbeknownst of the fact that her father’s sudden suicidal death has left a bad impact on her life, finds it difficult to deal with the people surrounding her.

What is the Story of I Am Not Okay with This?

Syd is a highschool girl but unluckily, she has got some anger management issues and so is lone kinda girl who’s trying to survive on her own except for the fact that she has got one best friend but who’ll soon be snatched away from her. Well, who knows she’ll cope up with the fact that her friendship is more important than a crush.

So, Syd is like us, a teenager with a short-temperament and kind of social phobia. Will you believe that this girl only smiles whenever she is with her best friend, otherwise there’s no chance that she gets happy or excited about anything.

There’s a whole world of complexities inside Syd’s mind and guess what she has also got some superpowers which she is unaware of. Whatever she thinks turns out to happen in reality. If she wants something to stop the thing will stop if she wants someone to bleed then who can stop it from happening.

All in all, Syd’s life isn’t different from the rest of us as we all are living in the age of complexities, complexes, problems, and wontedly,  psychological issues. So, whoever’s now struggling with his/her life must watch it. Although we won’t get to have superpowers like Syd, still we can get to know how to understand our life issues and solve them, basically.

So, watch it and have some quality time with yourself!