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Hyrule Warriors Legends Second DLC Pack Adds Marin

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As you know, this very morning there has been a special presentation of Hyrule Warriors Legends in the WonderCon 2016. In it, the game developers Yosuke Hayashi and Hiroya Usuda of Koei Tecmo have shared interesting details about the game.

However, one stands out above the rest: Marin, a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, has been confirmed as a playable character and will be added to the titles of 3DS and Wii U with Link’s Awakening DLC Pack, the second pack of the additional content that will be launched next July in all territories.

Along with Medli, it is the second additional character confirmed to Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Below is the image that has been shared on the official twitter account of Nintendo, where we can see the design that has created the character for the game in the absence of definitive art:

Along with this premiere during the talk the producer, accompanied by developer Hiroya Usoda, unveiled some aspects of the development of editing 3DS for the game. Among these the reasons bashed to include Skull Kid as a character found, the first sketches of Linkle and even an art history of the latter that was decided not to include in the final version of the project.

We recall that there are still many additional characters missing to confirm their identity, so we will have to wait for new details in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, what do you think this addition?

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